800W 30A DC-DC Step-Down Module

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Internal Reference: MOD-217

800W 30A DC-DC Step-Down Module

Introducing the 800W 30A DC-DC Step-Down Module - the perfect choice for any hobbyist in need of a reliable, efficient power converter! With an input voltage of 20V - 70V and an input current of up to 20A, you’ll have no issue generating enough juice for whatever project you have in mind.

A step-down, or buck, converter is a DC/DC power converter that reduces the input voltage and provides a lower output voltage. Modern technology today encapsulates the entire complex circuit structure in a single module.

This module uses high-performance electronic components, the overall performance is more stable. - Wide input and output voltage range, high output current, and high power. - Input low voltage protection (when the input voltage is lower than 20V, turn off the output).

Product size and Characteristics

The above image shows us the dimensions and a bit of the characteristics of the 800W 30A DC-DC Step-Down Module.

Introduction to 800W 30A DC-DC Step-Down Module

The above images show us some of the features and characteristics of the 800W 30A DC-DC Step-Down Module, as well as the maximum ampere the 800W 30A DC-DC Step-Down Module, can handle on its input as well as its output.

Attention Required

The above image shows us where we need to focus on the 800W 30A DC-DC Step-Down Module to be able to prevent any misuse and damage that might be caused or can be caused.

Instructions for Use

  • Input and output cannot be reversed.
  • Please use it within the voltage range, too high a voltage will damage the module.
  • The output voltage and current can be adjusted.
  • The potentiometer is turned up counterclockwise, and the potentiometer is turned down clockwise. The minimum current is 1A.
  • When the input voltage of this module is lower than 30V and the output is lower than 12V, the output can be short-circuited without damaging the module. You can short-circuit the modulated output current with an ammeter (but try to short-circuit at low voltage).
  • When adjusting the output current, you can adjust the current at the same time and measure the output current reference point voltage with the mV gear of the multimeter. Every 2mV is 1A of output current. Adjust the reference point voltage as much as you need.
  • When the voltage and current are adjusted by external analog signals, the external voltage signal is 0-5V. Pay attention to the positive and negative poles when connecting. Note: When powering the external signal, a separate power supply is required, and it cannot share the ground wire with the module, otherwise the module may be damaged.

800W 30A DC-DC Step-Down Module Specification

  • Product Name: DC-DC Step-Down Module
  • Input Voltage: DC 20V~70V
  • Input Current: 20A(Max)
  • Output Voltage: DC 2.5V~58V
  • Output Current: 30A(Max)
  • Output Power: 800W
  • Stand-by Current: 70mA(Max)
  • Output Ripple: 120mA
  • Conversion Efficiency: 0.92~0.96
  • Work Temperature: -20℃~50℃
  • Work Humidity: 5%~95%RH
  • Size: 154*75*69mm