NEO-8M stm32 c51 mcu gps module
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BreakoutModule Navigation Sensor MCU Module GSM STM

Internal Reference: MOD-213

NEO-8M STM32 C51 MCU GPS Module

This GPS module is based on the NEO-8M and can be used for satellite positioning. The module supports NMEA standard protocol output, and built-in FLASH, and can save the setting information after power-off without external EEPROM. This module has an onboard ceramic antenna, which can easily locate the satellite in an open place without an external antenna. It is also welded with an SMA head, which can be used for an external antenna, to make the search positioning ability stronger. When using, you can debug the GPS module using the data cable via the micro USB interface. Or through the reserved serial port interface, use USB to serial port modules or external MCU to receive the GPS information.

Receiver type

72-channel u-blox M8 engine GPS L1C/A, SBAS L1C/A, QZSS L1C/A, QZSS L1 SAIF, GLONASS L1OF, BeiDou B1I, Galileo E1B/C

Accuracy of time pulse signal

RMS 99%, 30 ns 60 ns

Frequency of time pulse signal

0.25 Hz…10 MHz (configurable)


<4 g


50,000 m


500 m/s

Velocity accuracy

0.05 m/s

Heading accuracy

0.3 degrees