Step Up Adjustable Power Module 1800W 40A DC-DC
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Power Module

Internal Reference: MOD-192

Step Up Adjustable Power  Module 1800W 40A DC-DC

This is a non-isolated DC power converter module. With high power and stable output, it converts 10-60V DC to 12-97V DC. High-quality components ensure high conversion efficiency, up to 97%. Designed with an intelligent temperature control fan, which will automatically work when the temperature reaches about 60℃ and stop when the temperature drops below 60℃. Widely used for high-power solar street lamp driving, various LED lighting CV driving, vehicle-mounted and mobile device power supply, DIY adjustable CV CC power supply, solar power charging, and various batteries charging.

Please note that the trim pot used to adjust the module output needs to be turned quite a few times before you can see a change in the output.

Technical specifications:

  • Output power: 1800W
  • Input voltage range: 10V-60V
  • Output voltage range: 12V-90V
  • Input current: 40A
  • Output current: 22A
  • Dynamic response speed: load current change 5% (300us)
  • Conversion efficiency: 48V to 60V 8A (98.1%)
  • 48V to 72V 8A (98.1%)
  • 48V to 84V 8A (97.6%)
  • Load regulation: 10% to 50% load ((72V output))
  • Temperature coefficient: 50% load
  • Ripple & Noise: 20MHz Bandwidth (48V-72V 4A) 100mVp-p
  • Switching frequency: VIN=48V VO=72V 4A (110khz)
  • No-load current: VIN=48V VO=72V (18mA)
  • Output short circuit protection: YES
  • Input reverse protection: YES
  • Storage humidity: 95%
  • Working temperature: -20 65°C
  • Storage temperature: -40 125°C
  • Temperature rise during work: 48V to 60V 5A (45°C)
  • Over temperature protection: (60°C)
  • Wiring method: IN input, OUT output (No welding, terminal blocks)
  • Cooling method: Strong wind cooling
  • Appearance size: 130 (L) * 51 (W) * 80(H) ( with copper pillars) mm