18650 Lithium Battery Shield 2 cell

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Internal Reference: MOD-190-2section-N

18650 Lithium Battery Shield 2 cell

The 18650 Li-Ion battery Shield is at the top of the circuit board, which can accommodate an ‘unprotected’ single-cell lithium-ion battery. It also includes a standard USB ‘A’ female connector, and one power on/off switch for that connector atop.

  • Battery Charging Input: 5V/500mA typical via Micro USB port
  • Power Supply Output: Switched 5VDC via USB type A port, 3x 5VDC (up to 4A) connectors, and 3x 3VDC (up to 1A)
  • System Status Indicators: Battery Charging & Battery Charged LEDs
  • Battery Protection Mechanism: Battery Overcharge & Deep Discharge



Model: 18650 Shield v3

Charger Chip: 4056

Charging Current: 500mA

Input Power Connector: Female Micro USB Port

Input Voltage Range: 5 – 8VDC

ON/OFF switch to control power

Available Output Voltages: 3V @ 1A / 5V @ 4A

3V Output Connectors: Three 2-Way 2.54mm Pitch Connection Points

5V Output Connectors: Three 2-Way 2.54mm Pitch Connection Points / Female USB Type-A Socket

Battery Type: 18650 Li-Ion

Battery Protection Features: Overcharge; Over-discharge

WARNING: Inserting the battery in the wrong direction can damage the charging chip

Indication LEDs: Green LED to indicate charging / Red LED to indicate charged