24Vdc Relay (Songle)

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ElectroMechanical Relay

Internal Reference: MOD-189

Relays are electromechanical devices that are used to isolate two circuits electrically and connect them magnetically. They are very useful devices and allow one circuit to switch to another one while they are completely separate. They are often used to interface an electronic circuit (working at a low voltage) to an electrical circuit that works at a very high voltage. For example, a relay can make a 24V DC battery circuit to switch a 230V AC mains circuit. Thus a small sensor circuit can drive, say, a fan or an electric bulb.

Relay 24V 10A.

These are high-quality Single Pole - Double Throw (SPDT) sealed relays. Use them to switch high voltage, and/or high current devices. This relay's coil is rated up to 24V. The contacts are rated up to 10A.


Relay TypeGeneral Purpose
Coil TypeNon-Latching
Coil Voltage24VDC
Contact FormSPDT
Contact Rating (Current)10A
Switching Voltage(250VAC) Max