XH-M609 Battery protection Module

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Internal Reference: MOD-169

XH-M609 Battery protection Module

This module has the advantages of overcharge protection, over discharge protection, short circuit protection, and overcurrent protection. When the battery is under voltage or the battery is low, it will automatically disconnect. With 3 red LED digital tube display, 2 adjustment button settings, 1 LED indicator. When the voltage protection module is connected to the battery, the light is on. Wide application range, this product is suitable for all kinds of batteries and lithium batteries

XH-M609 Battery protection Module Specs:

  • Model:XH-M609
  • Protection Module Size:56x41x17.9mm
  • Mounting holes :3mm/0.12"
  • Supply Voltage: DC 12-36V
  • Output Voltage: Equal to supply voltage

Wiring Diagram

  • Fast press the left “+” button will display the cut out voltage, while this is displayed fast double click the same button and the “.”(decimal point will flash) you only have 3 seconds to double click, now the + and – buttons can be pressed to change the cut out voltage. Pressing no more buttons for 5 seconds it will accept the setting and return to display of input voltage. (double clicking the “+” fast twice will also put it into programming mode)
  • Long press the left “+” button all the digits will flash the input voltage, during the flashing the +- buttons can be used to calibrate the voltage of the input supply under load!. Likewise not pressing any buttons for 5 sec it will accept the result and return to display input voltage. This feature is important to compensate for volt drops in the supply wiring. Fast press the right “-“ button and it will display the differential voltage between cut out and turn on voltage i.e. If the cut out is set to 11V and the differential is set to 2V, then the output will turn on at 13V, so fast press to display the differential voltage then fast double click and the “.”(decimal point) will flash, now pressing + or – will change the value, if no buttons are pressed for 5 seconds it will accept the value, (double clicking the “-” fast twice will also put it into programming mode)
  • Long press the Right “-“ button and the display will show the ON DELAY in minutes after the voltage has gone over the turn on threshold, after the long press only the “.” Decimal point will flash and you have 5 seconds to change the value (default is 000.)