Openlog cleanflight naze32 F3 blackbox flash recorder module
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Internal Reference: MOD-161

Openlog cleanflight naze32 F3 blackbox flash recorder

The Openlog cleanflight naze32 F3 is a data logger that can record data on the memory card through the UART universal serial port. This function is similar to a black box to record the data sent by the main device to the serial port and save the data on the memory card in text form. This product can be used as a flight control board with cleanflight firmware, connected to the corresponding serial port, through the setting of the host computer software cleanflight configurator, can record the important operation data of a drone on the memory card.

Note: After the memory card is inserted for the first time, the config.txt file will be produced on the memory card, which replaces the baud rate parameter of the serial port. This parameter can be modified. Please connect the serial port of the flight control or the main circuit The baud rate is the same as that of the recorder.

Openlog cleanflight naze32 F3 Specs:

  • Support storage to fat16/fat32 format tf card, storage capacity up to 32G
  • Has a simple command-line interface
  • Three modes: new, add, command
  •  Baud rate can be set to 300-1000000bps
  • Two led lights indicate the operating status
  • The input voltage is 3.3V to 12V, preferably 3.3 to 5V.
  • Standby current 2ma, maximum recording rate 6ma.