ZVS Induction Heating Module 5V -12V

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Internal Reference: MOD-121

ZVS Induction Heating Module

It's best to solder the heating coil directly to the PCB instead of using the screw terminals. The higher the power supply amps the better it will work.

ZVS Induction Heating Module spec

  • Input voltage: 5v-12v
  • Module dimensions: 5.5 x 4 x 2 cm(L*W*H)
  • Coil size
    • length:7.5cm
    • width: 2.8cm
  • Weight: ~110g (including output coil)
  • Operating Current:
    • Coil attached – No metal inside coil: 1.4A +/- 20%@ 12.0V
    • Coil attached – Metal inside coil: 1.4A  – 10A @ 12.0V
  • Output Voltage: ~80VAC RMS (with the accompanied coil connected at the output)
  • Output Frequency: Varies with several parameters: Applied voltage, Inductance of output coil, object type, and size inside the output coil. The following values give you a rough idea of output frequency at various output conditions.
    • Unloaded: ~208KHz @12.0V (with the accompanied coil connected at the output with no object inside)
    • Loaded: ~190 KHz  – 208KHz @ 12.0V depending upon material placed inside
  • Maximum Rated Power: 120W

Note: DO NOT raise the voltage slowly, as it will fail to oscillate and burn out.