NEO-7M apm2.5 gygpsv1 gps module
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BreakoutModule Navigation Comm Sensor Module GPS

Internal Reference: MOD-119

NEO-7M APM2.5 GYGPSV1 GPS module

Add GPS to your projects.

Neo-7M Dual Antenna Interface GPS Module, Arduino and Raspberry Pi compatible with development boards. Supports GLONASS (Russian navigation system). You can easily use it in areas such as navigation and quadcopter positioning instructions. The module uses UART communication protocol. Position accuracy is increased with internal and external dual antennas.


Neo-7M Dual Antenna Interface GPS Module Technical Specifications

  • Working voltage: 3.3V (DC)
  • Communication Protocol: UART
  • Serial communication baud rate: 9600
  • Velocity: 500m / s
  • Altitude: 50,000 m
  • 56 channels, GPS L1 (1575.42Mhz) C / A code, SBAS: WAAS / EGNOS / MSAS
  • Positioning precision: 2.5mCEP (SBAS: 2.0mCEP)
  • Update rate: Maximum 10Hz (default 1HZ)
  • Baud Rate: 9600

 Datasheet: Neo-7Ublox