XH-M600 6-60V Charge Controller

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Internal Reference: MOD-111

The XH-M600 6-60V Charge Controller is perfect for caravan, boats, and motorbikes that don't get used often, to keep the battery in perfect running order. What it does is it charges the battery to a set voltage then allows it to discharge over time to a set voltage then starts the cycle again. This helps protect your battery from damages caused by continuously charging.

This controller draws its power from the Battery, without a battery or even a flat battery the unit will not function.

Please note: this module does not regulate the charging voltage or charging current, all it does is allows it to discharge. You will still need a separate charging circuit for this. a Recommended product would be the 600W step up as well a 12V 20A Power Supply.

Using Method:

1:connect to the battery(For the display to be Active)
2:press the "+"  to display the upper limit voltage, long press will flash, then set the upper limit voltage (H)
3:press the "-"  to display lower limit voltage , long press will flash,  then set the lower limit voltage (L)
4:can now connect  the charger
5:press the "set"  will switch the display off to save POWER

XH-M600 6-60V Charge Controller Specs:

  • Operating voltage: DC 6-60V.
  • Operating current: max 30A
  • Control Precision:0.1V
  • Output Type: direct output
  • Voltage Tolerance: +/-0.1V
  • Application Fields: 6-60V battery
  • Size: 84*60mm