XH-M203 automatic water level controller

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Internal Reference: MOD-110

XH-M203 water level controller automatic water level controller

Please note: water level switches are NOT included. Any level switch will work with this module, including the one we sell on our site. Liquid level switch 52mm.
Please note: The current on the input is to much for most reed switches, it is recommended to add a 10k Ohm Resistor in series with the reed switch.

XH-M203 water level controller automatic water level controller Product Description
1. Type: XH-M203
2. Size: 60mm x 40mm (LxW)
3. Output type: Relay output
4. Control Type: Fully Automatic
5. Operating voltage: AC / DC 12V
6. Output capacity: 10A

Easy to use:
When the water level is high the relay will close, stopping the pump to add water,
When the water level low the relay opens, starting the pump to add water,
No manual management, fully automatic.
Easy to install and easy to operate.
Widely used in water conservancy facilities, water towers, buckets, water tanks, pools and so on.

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