LM358 amplifier module

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Internal Reference: MOD-101

LM358 amplifier module

Onboard LM358 chip. 100 times gain circuit design. Onboard 10K adjustable resistance, adjustable magnification. Onboard power indicator. Chip has lead to the main pin, can directly input and output signals. Note: this version does not support DC signal amplification.


- LM358 chip onboard
- 100 gain of the circuit design
- 10K onboard adjustable resistance, you can adjust the magnification
- Onboard power indicator
- The working voltage: 5 ~ 12V

This module is used for amplifying signals that are too for the Arduino to read and because it is clearly labeled it is very user-friendly and is also very cheap, it is mainly used on the HB100 Doppler Radar Sensor because of its low voltage output, the doppler sensor's voltage is a few millivolts, where this sensor times that with 100, this module alongside an Arduino can take 50mV and turn it into 5V.