Lithium Charger 2.4A 5V (powerbank) module + display Type-C/Micro/Lightning/Usb
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Power Displays Module Battery Charger

Internal Reference: MOD-100

Lithium Charger 2.4A 5V (powerbank) module with display Type-C/Micro/Lightning/Usb

Super cool module to build your own power bank. Lots of features included with a display

Button function: Press and hold the button after standby, the LED digital screen displays the power 

Note: The positive pole of the battery is connected to B+ and the negative pole is connected to B-, do not reverse it. If it is reversed, it will burn out!!!!


1.LED Indicator Display:
The LED digital screen displays the current battery charge while charging.
When discharging, the LED digital screen displays the current power, and the display is saved in about 30 seconds (double-click the button to resume display).
The system will provide an accurate battery indication after a complete charge and discharge.
2.Prevent Overcharge Protection:
Detection voltage: 4.20plus-minus0.05V
Release voltage: 4.100plus-minus0.05V
Detection delay time: Less than200 ms
3.Prevent Over discharge Protection:
Detection voltage: 3.0plus-minus0.10V
Release voltage: 3.10plus-minus0.10V
Detection delay time: Less than100 ms
4.Short Circuit Protection:
Short detection delay time: Less than50 microsecond
Release Conditions: Cut-off load
5.Normal Current Consumption:
Normal current consumption of PCM: Max 60 microamp
Standby current consumption: Max 50 microamp
6.Suggest Working Conditions:
Max continuous charge/discharge current: 1.5/2.4A
Suggest working temperature: -5-45Celsius

This module is a portable backup power supply with an input that matches the 5.0V adapter to charge the internal battery. Use the built-in battery for a portable device to provide 5.0V/3.0A USB2.0 supply output for external devices.
Package Included:1 * LED Dual USB 5V 2.4A Type-C/Micro/Lightning USB Power Bank 18650 Charger Board


Size: 6.5 * 2.5cm
IR of PCM : Less than or equal to 65 momega
Allowed 0V change: Yes
Constant current: 2.4A
Dual output current: 5V 2.4A
Input voltage B+ to B-: 3.0 - 4.2V
Charging cable: support three type of USB Cables for iPhone Lightning & Android Type-C Micro USB