PWM DC motor speed controller 3A
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ElectroMechanical Electronics Driver

Internal Reference: MOD-074

PWM DC motor speed controller 3A.

The PWM DC motor speed controller 3A is very easy to use. Simply connect your power wires to the power terminals marker power + and power -. Then connect the motor to the terminals marked motor + and motor -, and you are done.

This module uses PWM modulation instead of simply changing the voltage, which is much more efficient and will not accidentally burn your motors.

With the PWM modulation, you get less heat dissipation over your switching device than over a linear voltage adjustment regulation. With less heat, it will run cooler on high currents while giving enough torque to your motor.

PWM DC motor speed controller 3A Specification:

  • Input supply voltage:6V-28VDC
  • The maximum output power: is 80W
  • The maximum continuous output current: 3A
  • Duty Cycle adjustable: 5%-100%
  • Board Dimensions: L= 50mm, W=32mm, H=16mm