LM2596 Adjustable Power Converter with Voltmeter

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Module Power Adjustable

Internal Reference: MOD-060

LM2596 Adjustable Power Converter with Voltmeter

LM2596 Adjustable Power Converter Features

1 Input voltage range:4~40VDC
2 Output voltage range:1.25-37VDC adjustable
3 Output current:2A
4 voltmeter range: 0 to 40V, error ±0.1V
5 Input reverse polarity protection
6 Built in output short protection function
7 Built in thermal shutdown function
8 L x W x H =6.1*3.4*12 cm
9 Weight: 22g
10 LED digital voltmeter tube
11 Press the key to let the display show the input or output voltage. when the right “OUT” led light, it shows output, the left “IN” led show input.

Setting the LM2596 Adjustable Power Converter module

  • The potentiometer can be used to increase or decrease output voltage. Clockwise to increase, and anti-clockwise to decrease
  • Button Short Press – Changes what is displayed on the voltmeter. Either Input Voltage or Output Voltage
  • Button Long Press – Disable/Turn off the voltage display. A short press will enable the display again



Some customers report: "The LM2596 Adjustable Power Converter module can not be adjusted, the output voltage is always equal to the input voltage." When you encounter this problem, please counterclockwise rotation of the potentiometer 10 laps or more, then you can adjust the output voltage. This is because the factory default output voltage is 20V.