Joystick Module
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Internal Reference: MOD-059

Joystick Module.

This little joystick is the perfect companion to your Arduino or other Microcontroller-based projects. This module combines two potentiometers and a pushbutton switch into a solid mechanical package with an ergonomic thumb dome. Perfect for controlling motors, servos, etc.

The potentiometers track the position of the joystick in two dimensions and the button responds to downward pressure. Springs pull the Thumbstick back to the center position. This joystick provides a smooth, fluid motion, a strong click reply, and a straightforward interface.

Joystick Pin outs

Joystick Module Specification:

  • 2 x 10K Potentiometers for reading the X and Y position
  • 1 x Normally Open Momentary Switch (Closes with downward pressure on the Thumbstick)
  • Simple 5-pin interface with clearly marked pins on standard 2.54mm centers.

This is easy to hook up to the analog A/D ports on your Arduino – We recommend our 5-pin BLS connectors for wiring this up.