ENC28J60 Ethernet module breakout board Arduino

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Sensors Module ETH

Internal Reference: MOD-051

The cheapest but also a very easy way to add ethernet to microcontrollers like Arduino.

This module has an ISP interface for communication.

Head over to this link https://github.com/jcw/ethercard#readme   to learn all about the ENC28J60 Ethernet module, download the library and get Arduino examples to use.

Note: it is important to connect this module to the 3.3V power pin and NOT 5V. 5V is to much power for this board and will damage it.

Pinout table

ENC28J60 Ethernet module pinout

 Module description

Chip ENC28J60-I/SO
25MHZ crystal oscillator
HR911105 JACK
3.3V pin header power jack
Dimension 56(mm) x 34(mm)