400kV High-voltage Generator Step-up Module

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Internal Reference: MOD-038

400kV High-voltage Generator Step-up Module


This DC 3v-6v To 400kV 400000V Boost Step-up Power Module High-voltage Generator is perfect for hobbyists who want to make their dreams a reality! It takes 3V-6V and boosts it to an impressive 400KV-600KV. Be sure to take extra safety precautions when dealing with higher voltages. Even better, its compact size makes it easy to incorporate into any project, and it utilizes the Tesla coil principle for maximum efficiency.

 The 400KV High Voltage Generator is a device that is designed to generate high voltage output ranging from 3V to 6V DC and step it up to a maximum of 400,000 volts. It is commonly referred to as an Arc Pulse Igniter or Step Up Booster, and it is widely used in various industries and applications.

The device typically consists of a step-up transformer, a rectifier, and a high-voltage generator circuit. The transformer is responsible for stepping up the input voltage to the desired output voltage, while the rectifier is used to convert the AC voltage to DC voltage. The high-voltage generator circuit generates the high-voltage output.

 The 400KV High Voltage Generator is powered by a DC input voltage ranging from 3V to 6V. The input voltage is typically supplied by a battery or a DC power supply. The device is capable of producing a high-voltage output with a maximum current of a few milliamperes.

The device is commonly used in various applications such as science experiments, spark gap ignition systems, gas stoves, electronic components testing, and other applications where high voltage is required.

 It is important to note that the 400KV High Voltage Generator is a high-voltage device and can be dangerous if not handled properly.


  • Working Voltage: 3-6V DC
  • Output voltage: 400KV DC
  • Working Temperature: 28°C- 30°C
  • Average Current: 800mAh
  • Operation: Intermittent(5min/ON, 5min/OFF)
  • Continues Run time: 5 MIN MAX