4CH Transmitter Module Long Range Remote Control 300-4000m + DC12V 4CH Relay Receiver

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Internal Reference: MOD-030


Working Voltage: DC9V
Working Frequency:433.92Mhz
Working Current:100mA
Transmitting Rate:<10Kbps
Working Temperature: -10'c~+70'c
Size: 49×30×6mm
Code: Fixed Code  SC2262  IC Chip
Transmitting Distance:+-4000m Line of sight

Pin:13 12 11 10 9V GND
All trig pins must switch to 9V (positive trigger) to active TX per channel.

DC12V 4CH Receiver Board

Working Voltage: DC12V -/+ 10%
Current: Standby≤10mA, Working ≤128mA
Working Temperature: -10'C—+60'C
Receiver Frequency: 433.92MHZ
Receiving Sensitivity: -105dB
Output State: Switching Value
Max Load:10A Relay, Resistive load≤8A,Inductive load≤3A
Receiver Board Size:68×48×13mm
Case Size:75×55×30mm

Encoding Type: Learning Code, Add transmitter by the Learning Button on the receiver.

Output State: It is adjusted by the Jumper on the Receiver Board,

Momentary----------Jumper on “ M & Mid Pin ”

Toggle----------------Jumper “ T & Mid Pin ”

Latched--------------Take away the Jumper or put the Jumper on 1 Pin


Momentary------------Press the Transmitter button A, the receiver relay A is ON, release button A; the receiver relay A is OFF, the same as B/C/D. 4CH is independent.


Toggle---------------Press transmitter button A for 1 time, the receiver relay A is ON, press button A again, and the receiver relay A is OFF, the same as B/C/D. 4CH is independent.



Press transmitter button A, the receiver relay A is ON, the relay B/C/D is OFF.

Press transmitter button B, the receiver relay B is ON, the relay A/C/D is OFF.

Press transmitter button C, the receiver relay C is ON, the relay A/B/D is OFF

Press transmitter button D, the receiver relay D is ON, the relay A/B/C is OFF.

It also means. Latched only can keep 1CH ON . and it will often have 1CH is ON.

Learning Method:
Input power for the Receiver. keep pressing the Learning Button until the Led indicator is ON. Then press the transmitter any Button, the LED indicator OFF, then you press any button of the transmitter you heard the relay respond, it means learning successfully.
Clearing Code
Keep pressing the Learning Button on the receiver until the LED indicator since ON to OFF, it means the code will be cleared successfully.

Pinout RX

Pinout TX