3W mini audio stereo amplifier breakout

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Internal Reference: MOD-028

This is a mini stereo amplifier breakout board.  It is a fully functional, 3W two-channel audio amplifier.
Why be satisfied with a little buzzer when you can go stereo

Power Supply: DC 3.6-5.5V (DO NOT apply more than 5.5V, it will damage the chip)
Output power: 3w+3w (4 ohms)
Efficiency: >90%
Size: 15.5*24mm

Here is a simple wiring diagram, you could also integrate it with our Bluetooth MP3 Decoding with SD, USB and FM or simply use it as a cell phone amplifier.

3W mini audio stereo amplifier breakout

We would recommend a 8 Ohm 1watt Mini Loudspeaker on each channel for practical uses.

Chip Datasheet