AVR Programmer ISP Download USB ASP Downloader

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Prototyping CPU

Internal Reference: MOD-026

AVR Programmer ISP USB Bootloader Download Interface

Ever wanted to program a Atmega8 DIP (Dual In Line Package)? You can now simply connect this ISP to the AVR Microcontroller Minimum System Board ATmega8 Development Board to program your DIP IC.

When you buy a brand-new Arduino microchip to replace a damaged one, they usually do not come with the Arduino bootloader on the chip. For your Arduino software to communicate with your Arduino and to upload your sketches, the chip must have a bootloader installed.

To install it you will need this module.

Check the video HOW TO

AVR programmer ISP Features:

1. Onboard ATMega8 chip (L)
2. Overcurrent protection
3. Support 5 V boards
4. ISP interface

Package included:

1 x USBTINYISP programmer
1 x cable