12V Day Night Switch

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Component Electronic Switch

Internal Reference: MOD-010

12V Day Night Switch

Are you a hobbyist looking for an affordable, reliable way to control lighting around the house or a small shop? Look no further than the 12V Day Night Switch! This handy device is great for controlling light fixtures with ease.

A 12V Day Night Switch sensor is a photo-cell detecting device that reads available light in a space and sends a signal to the control system. In a process known as Daylight Harvesting, these sensors take advantage of naturally available light and dim or completely switch off the electric lights in a well-day-lit space.

This 12V Day Night Switch is widely used in places like street lighting, highways, factories, gardens, ports, airports, farms, parks as well as schools. These switches are easy to use even by non-electronic DIY enthusiasts. We also have a 220V version here.

Day Night Switch Explained

This schematic should give you a very good idea of how a day-night switch works and also how the automatic function is done in an Automatic day-night switch.

12V Day Night Switch Specification
  • Input Voltage: AC / DC 12V
  • Frequency: 50-60Hz
  • Max Load Current: 10A
  • approx. 5 x 4.2 x 3.3 cm (H x L x W)

Black wire: Positive Line
Red wire: Load Positive

White wire: Negative Line/Load Negative