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Internal Reference: LG-017

LilyGo USB to TTL

Introducing the LilYGO USB to TTL, a revolutionary piece of technology perfect for hobbyists looking for that extra edge for their LILYGO projects. This USB chip has a CH9102 with a max read/write speed of 4Mbps and an automatic download circuit.

The original intention of this product design is that every time you design an ESP32 circuit board, you will find that the same circuit of USB To TTL appears on the schematic, especially when creating a small-sized circuit. This circuit occupies a lot of space, and it also increases the cost, so we want to change it, Finally, we discovered that each product also has another feature which is the USB interface with TYPE-C.

So based on the characteristics of the male Type-c and female Type-C USB ports, we separately designed the CH9102 USB interface chip and automatic download circuit into the shape of a USB adapter.

And you only need a T-U2T to use the LILYGO motherboard. T-U2T is also an open-source product. Other products with USB To TTL circuits can also be designed to be compatible with T-U2T. This can not only save space on the circuit board but also save costs, especially in the current environment of a tight supply of chip wafers.

Pin Out

The above image is a pin-out diagram that shows you how the circuit of the LILYGO USB to TTL  works.

The above image gives you a bit more information and a deeper look at how the TYPE C connector is interfaced with other products.


The above image gives us the dimensions in Centimeters but we have also added them in Millimeters in the specifications.

LilYGO USB to TTL Specification

USB chip CH9102 Max Read/Write Speed



Automatic download circuit


Boot button


Power Indicator

Connection A

Type-C male

Connection B

Type-C female


38.6mm x 12.5mm x 6.5mm


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