LILYGO T5-4.7 Inch E-paper ESP32 V3 Screen
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This product is no longer available.

Internal Reference: LG-011

LILYGO T5-4.7 Inch E-paper ESP32 V3 Screen

When used, it needs to correspond to the pin sequence of the touch screen, do not reverse the connection, otherwise, the touch screen may be damaged. The touch screen is equipped with adhesive paper that is attached to the e-paper. 

The adhesive film must be torn off when using it, and the display area on the corresponding e-paper is correctly pasted. Avoid tearing the adhesive tape repeatedly or it may damage the touch screen. Avoid pulling the touchscreen cable when using it.


TYPE-C -PH 2.0 Holder


6pin FPC touchscreen expansion connector

USB to TTL CP2104

Battery charge and discharge protection chip

4.7 inches, 540(H)X960(V) resolution, 16 Gray Level ED047C1, and supports partial refresh.

USB input power 5V@1A -Sleep mode current@~170uA

960X540 resolution 8-bit parallel port 4.7-inch ink screen

4pin expansion interface output is 3.3V

4pin 2.0 Molex 4 p 53015-0410 X3

RST button X1 -Custom button X3