LILYGO DS18B20 Magnetic Temperature Sensor
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Internal Reference: LG-010

LILYGO DS18B20 Magnetic Temperature Sensor

Are you a hobbyist who’s looking for an easy-to-use and precise temperature sensor? Look no further than LILYGO’s DS18B20 Magnetic Temperature Sensor! This powerhouse of a sensor is the perfect fit to monitor temperature environments accurately and easily.

A temperature sensor is a device used to measure temperature. This can be air temperature, liquid temperature, or the temperature of solid matter. There are different types of temperature sensors available and they each use different technologies and principles to take the temperature measurement.

Magnet surface sensors are useful for monitoring the temperature of surfaces which are magnetic.

How does a temperature sensor work?

Temperature sensors work by providing readings via electrical signals. Sensors are composed of two metals that generate an electrical voltage or resistance when a temperature change occurs by measuring the voltage across the diode terminals. When the voltage increases, the temperature also increases.

LILYGO DS18B20 Magnetic Temperature Sensor Specification:

  • Sensor model: DS18B20
  • Working voltage: 3V-5V
  • 9-12 bit resolution adjustable
  • Temperature measurement range: -55℃~125℃
  • Communication interface type@single bus
  • Cable length: 1M