LILYGO T-Display Keyboard for LNURLPoS
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Module Displays LILYGO

Internal Reference: LG-004

LILYGO T-Display Keyboard for LNURLPoS

LNURL is a protocol for communication between Lightning wallets and external applications and third-party services. These functions can be LNURL-withdraw – Pick up payments. LNURL-auth – Authorize, register and log in to external services and applications.

The LILYGO T-Display Keyboard for LNURLPoS is the perfect input device for your LNURLPoS system. Its small size and OLED display makes it ideal for portability, while its intuitive design ensures easy and efficient data entry and interactions with LNURLPoS applications. Perfect for a user-friendly experience.

What is LNURL?

LNURL makes communication between Lightning wallets and other applications easier through QR codes. LNURL enables a better user experience on Lightning by abstracting away payment flow complexities such as exchanging full-length LN invoices with counterparties.

LILYGO T-Display Keyboard Features:

  • It is a great little keypad expansion board for the esp32.
  • ESPRESSIF-ESP32 240MHz Xtensa single-/dual-core 32-bit LX6 microprocessor.
  • Modular interface: support UARTSPISDIOI2CLED PWMTV PWMI2SIRGPIOADCDACLNA pre-amplifier.
  • With high definition IPS ST7789V 1.14 Inch led display.
  • Built-in 2800mAh powerful battery for long-time use.

LILYGO T-Display Keyboard Specification:


ESP32-C3, Secure, Low-power RISC-V MCU

Wireless Connectivity

Wi-fi and Bluetooth V4.2

TFT Driver IC


Display Size

0.99 inch

Interface Protocol



40(H)RGB X 160(V)

Temp: Operating


Material quality

3D printing shell


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