LILYGO T-Echo NRF52840 BME280 SX1262 Wireless Transceiver Module
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Internal Reference: LG-001

LILYGO  T-Echo NRF52840 BME280 SX1262 Wireless Transceiver Module

At the beginning of the design, more consideration was to adapt to Meshtastic and SotfRF, so Bluetooth and low power consumption were considered when designing, and NRF52840 Advanced Bluetooth 5 was selected Thread and Zigbee multiprotocol SoC.

The LORA function continues T-BEAM's LILYGO SX1262 version functional module.

T-SX1262 wireless transceiver module, using Semtech SX1262 LORA RF transceiver chip design, working in the 868/915MHz ISM frequency band, integrated high stability TCXO 32MHz crystal oscillator, half-duplex transceiver module, power up to +22dBm, receiving sensitivity -139dBm. Automatic transceiver Switching, internal transmission, reception channel isolation, advanced LORA spread spectrum communication technology, strong anti-interference, and privacy can realize long-distance wireless data transmission and reception.


- NRF52840 BLE/NFC
- L76K GPS module
- T-SX1262 LORA module
- 1 .54 E-paper with front LED screen light
- RTC PCF8563
- RST button X1
- Custom button X1
- Touch button TTP223
- IPX Antenna Base X3
- 1.25 pitch battery holder
- 12. 5V input Type-C USB

- 10pin 0.4 pitch BTB socket can be used to expand functional modules