Waveform Generator Module DIY Kits

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Electronic Module Kits Kit

Internal Reference: KIT-110

Waveform Generator Module DIY Kits

This waveform generator has the ability to generate all different types of wave forms for different applications. Not only is this a great product to use to test your circuits and so debug a circuit of there is a fault somewhere but is also a great learning school for young people or people that are still new to electronics to learn how to solder and how different symbols look for different components, aswel as the direction that they should be connected.

Using this waveform generator, you can easily find the fault in a system, by giving a wave form as an input into the system, and then measuring the output over various components in a circuit, or parts of a system.

The waveform generator has the ability to generate sine waves, square waves, triangular waves, and sawtooth waves.

Technical specifications:

Input voltage range  6V - 12V
Preferred input voltage 9V
Frequency adjust Yes