STEM educational toy -Little Wheely the Electric Tank
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Meet Wheely! Your child's best friend that will keep them busy for hours! Have fun while learning the basics of electronics.

  • Keep your child busy for HOURS.
  • Build your Tank with an added splice of creativity! 
  • Easy for any child to build with step-by-step instructions.
  • Eliminate frustration and spark creativity.
  • Build them together and spend Quality Time with your kid!

More about Wheely.

My name is little Wheely I am like super tough and powerful vehicles used in battles on land. I have special tracks at the bottom, kind of like big tank feet, which help me move over rough and bumpy terrain. I am like the superheroes of the land. I cannot wait to be your friend and have new adventures together. 

 Downloadable manual - As in packaged kits.


STEAM stands for science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics. The “arts” in STEAM refers not only to visual arts and design but also to language arts, humanities, music, drama, dance and media. As humanity faces increasing change, challenges and complexity, we need people with the ability to ask the right questions and find new solutions. STEAM—with its focus on not only the “how” and “what” but also the “who” and “why”—is specifically designed to develop future innovators. It encourages students to approach real-world scientific problems with consideration for their impact on humanity. STEAM is at its heart about innovation, and innovation is about more than developing the latest gadget. Innovation is one of the keys to solving the most pressing problems of our time and ensuring a healthy, sustainable future.