4 Pack Dinosaur Toys,3D Wooden Puzzles, STEM Kits

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 Meet the Dinos! Your child's best friends that will keep them busy for hours! Have fun while learning the basics of electronics!

  • Keep your child busy for HOURS.

  • Let them move with remote controls!

  • Build your Dinosaur with an added splice of creativity

  •  Easy for any child to build with step-by-step instructions.

  •  Eliminate frustration and spark creativity.

  •  Build them together and spend Quality Time with your kid!

  • Building your dinos is only HALF the fun! 

  • Keep them BUSY FOR LONGER with the decoration pack!

  • Not only can you build your very own Dinosaur you can also DECORATE them! 

  • It comes with feathers, googly eyes, feather string, paint, and a paintbrush. (Included for free in kit)

  • Get ready for ENDLESS FUN and ARTISTIC EXPRESSION with our decorating pack! 

  • It's the perfect way to INSPIRE YOUR CHILD'S CREATIVITY and make their collection truly UNIQUE!

Meet the Dino friends!


I lived a looong time ago, about 83 - 66 million years ago. That’s even older than your great-great-great-great granny! I can’t wait to be your friend and hear everything about you! 


I’m Trike, the Triceratops, but you can call me Stubby Trike! I’m a Triceratops and I’m here to tell you about me, so get ready for some Dino fun!  


I’m Firecracker, the Pterosaur, but you can call me the winged giant, Firecracker! I had wings that helped me soar through the ancient skies. My body was sleek and lizard-like.  


I’m Brian, the Brachiosaurus, but you can call me Big Brian! ! I weighed as much as 30 elephants! Can you believe it? I ate so much that your garden would be just a tiny snack for me!


STEAM stands for science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics. The “arts” in STEAM refers not only to visual arts and design but also to language arts, humanities, music, drama, dance and media. As humanity faces increasing change, challenges and complexity, we need people with the ability to ask the right questions and find new solutions. STEAM—with its focus on not only the “how” and “what” but also the “who” and “why”—is specifically designed to develop future innovators. It encourages students to approach real-world scientific problems with consideration for their impact on humanity. STEAM is at its heart about innovation, and innovation is about more than developing the latest gadget. Innovation is one of the keys to solving the most pressing problems of our time and ensuring a healthy, sustainable future.