Soldering Iron Set
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Iron Solder Tool Development SolderKit

Internal Reference: KIT-055

Soldering Iron Set.

The soldering iron tool kit comes equipped with useful accessories. These include a mini safety stand, solder wire, solder cleaning sponge, a desoldering pump, and 6 different soldering tips. All of these tools will give you a clean and safe experience, besides making you more efficient at the task at hand.

Connecting a circuit board or splicing wires without risking the overall connection can be difficult. Skilled hands and precision can make for a job well done, and this soldering iron is the ideal tool for delicate and accurate work.

Made with durable plastic and metal, this easy-to-use iron utilizes a heat-resistant handle giving you a comfortable handling experience. This ensures you can remain safe while your work is precise.

Spare Soldering Sponge and Soldering Wire are also available.

Here is a nice tutorial for beginners.