Simple Metal Detector DIY Kit
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Internal Reference: KIT-047

Metal Detector DIY Kit

If you are new to electronics and want to start with an easy kit to practice your soldering skills, this kit is ideal. It is also fun to experiment with finding metal objects. The detection range is at best 5 cm and thus not in the range of the big metal detectors but fun to build and play with.

Simple Metal Detector DIY Kit diagram

Metal Detector DIY Kit specifications
Supply voltage: 3-5V;
Dimensions: 66 * 61MM;
Maximum detection range: 5CM;
Package List:
PCB board 1pcs
Buzzer 1pcs
100UF25V electrolytic capacitors 1pcs
104 ceramic capacitor 2pcs
222 polyester capacitors 2pcs
220K resistance 0.25W 1pcs
2.2K resistor 0.25W 1pcs
100 European blue potentiometer 1pcs
9018 transistor 1pcs
9015 transistor 1pcs
9012 transistor 1pcs