6J2P Valve Preamp Tube Kit

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Internal Reference: KIT-042

6J2P Valve Preamp Tube Kit

Wanna build your own valve preamplifier for your home entertainment system etc.? You can always look at this one. Introducing the 6J2P Valve Preamp Tube Kit! This powerful kit offers up to 2.0 stereo channels with an AC 12V input and the convenience of a 5.5 x 2.5 plug power connector. The versatile board dimensions make it easy to fit into any hobbyist’s setup. In addition, this kit features an adjustable volume knob that allows you to easily control your sound output and an indicator light for added convenience.

The 6J2P offers superior performance thanks to its audio signal input, which can be connected to a phone, computer, MP3, MP4, and other music players. Output signals can be sent directly to an amplifier or power amplifier board with incredible detail for better-than-ever sound quality. Plus, this handy preamp is built for long-term use due to its durable design and dependable performance.

Make your stereo system dream come true - get the 6J2P preamp tube kit today! With its outstanding capabilities and user-friendly design, it’s sure to take your workstation up a notch - all at a price you can afford!


Channel type: 2.0 / Stereo
Working voltage: AC12V 0.8A or above
Power connector: 5.5 x 2.5 plug
Board Dimensions: Width 77mm x Depth 75mm x Height 57mm


1. AC 12V input: DC5.5 * 2.1 sockets, with AC 12V transformer, if you want to use a plug-free AC 12V transformer, you need to wire the power cord soldered on the circuit board. Remember: can not use DC power input, otherwise it does not work!
2. Channel input: for the audio signal input, you can connect the phone, computer, MP3, MP4, and other music players.
3. Channel output: the audio signal output, can be connected to the amplifier, power amplifier board audio signal input.
4. Power switch / Volume knob: Turn the knob counterclockwise to begin lowering the volume. When the volume is turned to the minimum, if you continue to rotate until the tick is heard, the power is off and the indicator is off. In the closed state, Clockwise rotation, hear the tick, the indicator light, that power has been turned on, then the volume is minimal, and then continue to clockwise rotation to increase the volume.

How to use:

6J1 tube buffer 0.85 times magnification enlarge, connect the sound source and the former level or after the class,
can effectively filter digital flavor, the human voice is relatively good.
Notice: These are DIY Kits, that need to be assembled by yourself!

6J1 tube (can replace the model 6AK5, 6AU6,5654, etc.)