DIY 16 Music Box kits
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Internal Reference: KIT-040

DIY -16-Sound Music Box Electronic DIY Kit:

The 16-Sound Music Box Kits are crafted to bring you sheer delight and love for DIY electronics.

With this kit, you can create an enchanting music box that plays 16 different analog-sounds. It is a fun electronic toy and can also serve as a unique doorbell or alarm.

Let your creativity soar with this versatile DIY kit!

16-tone box under your control, arbitrarily issued 16 kinds of interesting analog sounds, it can be used as an electronic toy or it can also be used as a doorbell or alarm.

Operating voltage :4.5-5V
PCB size: 48mm (length) * 42mm (W)
Control modes: manual coding by Switches

Need more data see this PDF 16-Sound Music