TDA7297 amplifier board DIY Kit
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Internal Reference: KIT-039

TDA7297 amplifier board DIY Kit

Want to practice your soldering skills? A stereo amplifier is a great project to start your journey into electronics. Another self-soldering project to solder your own projects. Practice your soldering skills and as an end result have a stereo 15W amplifier. This is a small but powerful and high-quality stereo sound project.

Note: This is a DIY kit, you will need to solder the components to the PCB.

All the amplification is done by this amazing TDA7297 IC. The capacitors are mainly there to keep the voltage stable. There are much more to be discovered about this IC in this datasheet: TDA7297-datasheet

We have found that there are some PCB's that fails to play (stay in mute) by breaking the TRACK between two pins the problems were FIXED, try it if yours is not playing.

Amplifier board DIY Kit Description:



Input voltage



10-30W 4-8ohm

NB. It is important to run this module with a heatsink!