4WD Smart Robot Car Chassis Kit

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4WD Smart Robot Car Chassis Kit


This exciting 4WD Robot Car Chassis Kit is the ideal foundation for building your own RC vehicle or robot and provides everything you need aside from the main control board and the remote. Fortunately, Arduino boards are ideal for controlling such projects, and these are relatively inexpensive for the functionality and versatility they offer. And while remote controllers are typically quite costly thanks to the advanced RF technology built into them, you can easily just use your phone in conjunction with the Arduino board and a mobile phone app instead.

This 4WD Robot Car Chassis Kit includes an extruded acrylic base plate with all of the necessary screw holes pre-drilled, four Geared DC Motors to operate the wheels, four 25 x 65mm High Grip Wheels, nuts, screws and bolts to hold everything together, and even a bumper to protect the front from accidental damage. All you need is to provide a mainboard to act as the brain of the vehicle or robot, and a way to control the mainboard – or if you’re eager to try your hand at robotics you can allow the mainboard to explore the surroundings and learn for itself with distance sensors and other extras.

  • Chassis Plate

– Pre-tapped for Easy Building

  • Geared DC Motor

– 4x with wiring

  • 25 x 65mm Wheels

– 4x

  • Pack of Nuts and Screws

– With a few Extra

  • Front Bumper

– 1x