Multifunction Bluetooth Controlled Smart Car Kit
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Internal Reference: KIT-017

Multifunction Bluetooth Controlled Smart Car Kit

The Arduino Bluetooth Smart Car has the function of Complete tracking, obstacle avoidance, infrared remote control, and Bluetooth remote control. It is an MCU study and application development system based on Atmege328. The greatest feature is that you can control it with the Mobile phone Bluetooth of the Android system. You can have a lot of fun. To make it, you need a number of kits that contain a number of interesting programs and expand the external circuit modules to implement functions.

  • Included/Required Batteries: 2x 18650
  • Decelerate motors ratio 1:48, drive voltage 6V
  • Uses L298N driver module, real isolation to MCU
  • Three groups of hunt modules (detects black and white lines), higher accuracy
  • The infrared remote communication module, composed of the smart car is a remote control system
  • Bluetooth wireless communication module (short-range wireless remote control)
  • With economical and environmentally friendly rechargeable batteries and charger
  • Can be equipped with a variety of sensor modules, depending on your imagination to achieve a variety of function

For those that do not have a disc drive, you can follow this link for the included disc.