STEM Educational Toy - DIY Solar Energy Revolving Bell
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DIY Solar Energy Revolving Bell

Introducing the DIY Solar Energy Revolving Bell – an eco-friendly and educational project to keep kids busy! With this product, they can create their own solar energy bell using wood and a solar panel.

Simple DIY toy for kids to learn about solar power. This kit is based on converting solar energy into kinetic energy. It is suitable for kindergarten and primary school students to exercise their hands-on ability while learning the simple principle that solar technologies convert sunlight into electrical energy through photovoltaic (PV) panels which can be used to generate electricity.

How to build

The video above shows you how to build the Kit and also gives you a small demonstration of how it is supposed to work.

How Solar Works

DIY Solar Energy Revolving Bell

Technical Specification

  • Overall height: 122mm
  • Overall width: 155mm
  • Power: Solar Panel
  • Product material: Wood
  • Product weight: About 65g