XM-18 220V Incubation or Hatchery Controller

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Internal Reference: IA-003

The XM-18 is an automatic multi-function incubator controller using top-quality microelectronic components with an easy-to-use interface. The XM-18 makes use of a high-quality French manufactured capacitance humidity sensor and an NTC-based temperature sensor, both of which offer high measurement accuracy. This controller is a time-saving, labor-saving, and easy-to-use solution for almost any incubation application. It is the ideal controller for the propagation or breeding of poultry and rare birds for small to medium-sized hatcheries and can even be used for terrariums and vivariums.

XM-18 Incubator Controller Specs:

  • Temperature Measuring Range: 0-99′ C
  • Accuracy 0.1’C
  • Humidity Measurement Range: 0-99%
  • Humidity Accuracy 3% RH
  • 7 signal outputs: over-temp, temp-control, low-temp, egg turn left & right, humidity control and alarm)
  • 8A output contacts
  • 1A alarm contact
  • Egg Cycle Time 0-999 minutes
  • Egg Turning Time 0-999 seconds
  • Ventilation Cycle Time: 0-999 seconds
  • 160-240V AC Supply