Linptech K4RW1 Kit R2 Receiver
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Internal Reference: HA-011

Linptech K4RW1 Kit R2 Receiver

Introducing the Linptech K4RW1 Kit R2 Receiver - the perfect solution for your DIY home improvement projects! This great kit includes a receiver and switch designed to help you keep your home looking great without hassle. All without having to worry about batteries or complicated circuitry!

Linptech wireless light switches are powered by kinetic-harvesting technology. A press of the switch is converted into a small amount of electricity, which transmits a wireless radio-frequency signal to receivers and other devices. The magic of energy harvesting is that it can drive electronic circuits to work with energy in daily life, eliminating the need for batteries in traditional electronic circuits.

Linptech Switches work using kinetic energy, which in simple terms is the energy of motion. This kinetic energy is created by clicking the switch, which will then send a signal from the switch to the receiver, which will result in lights turning on and off.

This remote control light switch works for any house. Just add a receiver between the power and the lighting equipment, and then mount it wherever you want in your house, double-sided tape is provided for easy installation. The small receiver fits easily in a control box such as a canopy, distribution box, electrical box, electrical junction box, or switch box. Ideal for use in home, office, hotel, restaurant, factory, etc.

What is an RF(Radio Frequency) Switch?

A Radio Frequency (RF) switch is a device that routes high-frequency signals through transmission paths. They also support the integration of multiple radios that use a single antenna. The need for RF switch circuits is due to the increasing demand for wireless communications at higher frequencies and wider bandwidths.

The use of RF switch circuits affords the ability to combine higher frequencies and wider bandwidths with the integration of multiple RF interfaces and antennas. Thus, allowing for the demands on wireless communications to be met as well as advancing the capabilities, functionality, and advancement of the field of wireless communications as a whole.

Wiring Diagram

The above image shows us a simple wiring diagram of how to connect the Linptech K4RW1 Kit R2 Receiver to your lights.

Kinetic Switch

The above image shows us how the kinetic switch looks when you take it apart which should also give you a good idea of how the switch harvests kinetic energy.

Multiple Switches to a Single Receiver

The image above shows us that we can use multiple switches with the receiver to control a singular light but we will need multiple receivers to control multiple lights.


Here we have a few more applications that you can use the Linptech K4RW1 Kit R2 Receiver for in the above image.

How to pair the Linptech K4RW1 Kit R2 Receiver

  • Press the CTRL button of the receiver for 3 seconds (the indicator light blinks in yellow). Then release the function key. Now the controller is ready to pair.
  • Press the switch panel to pair, lights ON/OFF indicating the pairing was successful.

Linptech K4RW1 Kit R2 Receiver Specification

  • Input Voltage: AC 100-240V 50/60Hz
  • Wall Mounted Switch Size: 84* 84* 15mm
  • Receiver Size: 47* 47* 22mm
  • Working Frequency: 433MHz
  • Remote Control Range: Outdoor 35 Meters; indoor 15 Meters
  • Self-powered - No Battery Required
  • Waterproof: IP55
  • Power Source ‎Button - Self-Powered Wireless (no Battery Needed); Receiver - Ac Powered
  • Color: White
  • Connectivity Protocol: RF(Radio Frequency)
  • Controller Type: Learn Button
  • Upper-Temperature Rating: 55°C
  • Actuator Type: Push Button
  • Standby power of the receiver: 0.5W