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Internal Reference: EC-409


Up/Down counters are quite common components in logic circuits and applications. They count in binary as the clock changes from a low state to a high state, or from a high state to a low state. This up/down counter can be enabled on the preset pin, and you can also reset the counter by making the reset pin a logic high. You can also change the operation method to set the counter as an upward or downward counter by making the up/down pin (pin 10) a logic high or a logic low. It is however important not to leave this pin floating, otherwise the counter will not know in which way it should operate. 

Technical information:

Supply voltage

3V - 18V

Max clock frequency5.5MHz
Clock rise and fall time5us

High level output voltage

Input high level voltage11V

Timing diagram:

Extra resources:

Datasheet for CD4510