1uF Film Capacitor Block 63V

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Electronic Passives Component Capacitor

Internal Reference: EC-399

1uF Film Capacitor Block 63V 

A ceramic capacitor also stores electricity like an electrolytic capacitor, but its function is a bit different. The dielectric of a ceramic capacitor is made of ceramic, and has two metal plates that are used as the electrodes. With a ceramic capacitor, the behavior of the capacitor is determined by the type of ceramic material that is used as the electrode. The other big difference between a ceramic capacitor and an electrolytic capacitor is that a ceramic capacitor is not polarized, where an electrolytic capacitor is polarized. This means that it does not matter which way around you connect the ceramic capacitor to your circuit, it will work both ways around.

Typical applications:

  • Frequency generators
  • Frequency filters
  • Oscilloscopes