IGBT Driver TLP250

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Internal Reference: EC-391

IGBT Driver TLP250

These IGBT drivers are commonly used in applications where you need to switch a gate on a component with a microcontroller. The microcontroller is used to switch on an LED on the inside of this small IC, which switches on a photodetector. The photodetector in turn triggers the transistors in the IC, which will the allow current to flow from your source to your external circuitry. Because some MOSFETs and transistors require a higher voltage than that of a microcontroller to open the internal gate, this can easily be done by triggering the IGBT with the microcontroller. 


  • Transistor invertor
  • Power MOSFET gate driver
  • Transistor driver
  • Low power gate drivers

Technical specifications:

Max input threshold current  5mA
Supply current (Icc) 11mA
Supply voltage (Vcc) 10V - 35V
Max output current (Io) 1.5A
Switching time 1.5us


TLP250 schematic

Pin layout:


Extra resources:

Data sheet for TLP250