PIC12F617-SN Micro Controller Chip

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Component Electronic Electronics

Internal Reference: EC-389

PIC12F617-SN Micro Controller Chip

If you are a very enthusiastic hobbyist who wants to build his/her own micro controller, this is the ideal chip for you to use as the processor. Because of the high processing speed of this microcontroller chip, you can easily run tasks on it that require very high-speed processing and reactions to inputs. Using the PIC12F617-SN in combination with transistors and some resistors, you can easily build a microcontroller that will complete logic tasks based on the input that it receives.

The PIC12F617-SN is a CMOS microcontroller chip used as a processor on many different controllers. You only need to learn up to 35 single-cycle instructions. The PIC12F617-SN can also work with interrupts, and you can input a clock signal up to 20MHz. You can use direct, indirect and relative addressing modes when programming this microcontroller chip. 

Technical specifications:

 Internal oscillator 4MHz or 8MHz
Sleep mode Yes
Operating voltage 2V - 5.5V
Stand by current 50nA
Operating current
  • 11uA @ 32KHz, 2V
  • 260uA @ 4MHz, 2V
Shunt voltage regulator 5V
I/O pins 5
Input only pins 1
Analog comparator 1
Timer0 8 bit timer/counter 
  • 16 bit timer/counter
  • External gate (count enabled)
  • Use OSC1 or OSC2


Pin layout:


PIC12F617-SN pin layout

Extra resources:

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