74F32N OR gate

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Internal Reference: EC-314

74F32N OR Gate

When working on logic level circuits, OR gates are an absolute must have to make every function work correctly as it should. The basic function of an OR gate is that it provides a high logic level output when one or both of the input pins receive a logic high signal. The only way to produce a low logic level output with these gates it to have a lox logic level on both the input pins of the gate. 

Even though the F family of logic gates are not a very common family, and they can not easily communicate with all the other families of logic gates, they have the great advantage of switching with extremely high speed and very low delay times. They are ideal to use in circuits that have to process a lot of data and provide the correct output in the shortest possible time. 

Technical specifications:

Max supply voltage

Max input voltage7V
Min high level input voltage2V
Max low level input voltage


Pin layout:

Truth table:

Extra resources:

Datasheet for 74F32N