SN74LS02N QUAD 2-input NOR gate dip-14
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Internal Reference: EC-282


If you are working on a digital gate level project to do custom processing, this NOR gate is an absolute must to include in your project since these gates already include an inverter gates and an OR gate, which means that the complexity of your circuit can be reduced quite a lot. If you do not have one of these gates with you, you can always build it by making use of an OR gate and an inverter gate. The basic function of this gate is to invert the output of an OR gate, so that it only give a logic high output when both of the inputs of the gate is set to a low level logic.

Technical specifications:

Supply voltage

4.75V - 5.5V

Min high level input voltage2V
Max input low level voltage0.8V
Supply current5.4V

Pin layout:

Extra resources:

Datasheet for SN74LS02