SN74LS10N triple 3-input NAND gates dip-14
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Component Electronic Electronics

Internal Reference: EC-280


If you are working on a digital logic level circuit, NAND gates are an absolute must to have. Even though these gates can be built making use of AND gates in combination with inverter gates, NAND gates are very common in digital logic level circuits. They reduce the complexity and the size of your circuit quite a bit. Because this specific IC has 3 inputs per channel, it will reduce the size of your circuit even more, since you do not have to cascade the gates to get 3 input.

The LS family of logic gates can communicate with the HCT family, which are the more common family since they are able to communicate with almost all the other families of logic level gates. This makes it convenient, because you do not have to stick to a specific family, and you can mix the families as needed when some gates are not available at a store near you.

Technical specifications:

Supply voltage

4.75 - 5.25V

High level input voltage


Low level input voltage


Max output current



Pin layout:

SN74LS10N pin layout

Extra resources:

Datasheet for SN74LS10N