10-WAY Micro fit 3.00mm Rectangular Connector female with crimps (Black) (2 Pack)

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Internal Reference: EC-263

10-WAY Micro fit 3.00mm rectangular connector with crimps (Black) -2-pack

Micro fit connectors are common connectors found in cars because of their ruggedness and high temperature and water resistance. This pack of two female micro fit connectors are also great to use in outdoor application, such as camping, to set up all you electrical appliances like your lightning etc. These micro fit connectors are also polarized to ensure that connector can not be connected the wrong way around, and it has a positive latching mechanism that will ensure that the connector does not pull out when forces are applied to the cable. Although these connectors are great to be used in extreme conditions, it is also very commonly found in house appliances, lights, factory automation and security systems.