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Internal Reference: EC-207


BS170 is a well-known N-channel MOSFET manufactured in the TO-92 package. It can be used for both switching and amplification purposes. When used as a switch it can drive a load of 500mA. It can perform fast switching and can switch load in around 7 nanoseconds due to which it can be used in high-speed circuits. It can also perform well on low voltage due to which it is an ideal MOSFET to use in portable and battery-operated applications.

Other than that, it can also be used as an amplifier, and you can use it in your audio amplifier circuits and for any general-purpose signal amplification requirements.

Technical Specifications:

Package Type TO-92
Transistor Type N Channel
Max Voltage Applied From Drain to Source 60V
Max Gate to Source Voltage Should Be ±20V
Max Continues Drain Current is 500mA
Max Pulsed Drain Current is 500mA
Max Power Dissipation is 830mW
Minimum Voltage Required to Conduct 0.8V
Max Storage & Operating temperature Should Be -55 to +150