SN74HCT04N Inverter
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Internal Reference: EC-183


Hex inverters are used in various applications in digital circuits. It can be used to change a digital high signal to digital low signal which is used in many applications such as security systems that are based on digital logic circuits. Hex inverters are also used to build logic gates by using these inverters in combination with other logic gate.

The HCT family of logic gates are quite nice to use in a project because they have the ability to communicate with LS family and with the HC family of gates. They are built using C-MOS transistors which makes it rather easy to use. These logic gates can also be used to trigger transistors ore MOSFETs for high power circuits.

Examples of gates that can be built using inverters:

  • AND gate can be built using an OR gate in combination with a hex inverter
  • NAND gate using an AND gate with a hex inverter
  • XOR gate using 2 AND gates, an OR gate, and a hex inverter
  • NOR gate using an OR gate with a hex inverter
  • High frequency oscillator

Technical specifications:

Operating voltage

4.5V - 5.5V

Power consumption


Low level voltage


Pin layout:

SN74HCT04N pin layout

Extra resources:

Data sheet for SN74HCT04N